Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review

An honest Gastric Band Hypnotherapy review. Is gastric band by hypnosis a scam?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review – Virtual Lap Band – My Honest Opinion

Hi, Sue here,

This is my uncensored Gastric Band Hypnotherapy review. You can read about what I really thought of the virtual lap band program, the hypnosis downloads, “Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pack” by clinical hypnotherapist, Jon Rhodes.

Please Note: This is a review site.
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Why am I writing this? When I was thinking about buying the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy pack, there were not many real reviews around, so I decided to write one quickly to help anyone who was in the same position as I was when thinking about using a virtual lap band. But be warned, I will be giving you an unbiased and honest review, going into both the good and the bad points of the product, so if that is something you might not want to hear, then you may not want to read on.  What you will find are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the pack yourself.

What do you get with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy by Jon Rhodes?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy comes as a pack of 4  audio sessions of hypnosis MP3 downloads. Each MP3 audio uses guided visualization, spoken by a clinical hypnotherapist, to guide the listener through a certain part of the gastric banding procedure. There is some light, pleasant music in the background to help with relaxation. The sessions are meant to be listened to once, in order, and 24 hours apart.The following video gives you an insight into what the virtual lap band program can do for you and the type of background music in the MP3 audios.

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The first MP3 session prepares you for the “virtual” gastric band surgery. You will visit the clinic for the first time and see a doctor, who will test your pulse and blood pressure, etc. The second session guides you through the stomach banding surgery itself, where the virtual gastric band is fitted, and the third MP3 deals with the post-operative period. During this third session you are guided through the final procedure where the gastric band is expanded in order to shrink the capacity of your stomach. The three sessions follow what actually happens when you have real gastric band surgery.

The fourth one of the hypnosis MP3  downloads  in the pack is actually a  reversal of the gastric banding procedure. This can be used should you ever want to reverse the virtual gastric band surgery, for whatever reason.

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy pack also comes with a six page ebook Guide and two bonus hypnosis MP3 downloads: “Sensible Eating”  and “Exercise Motivation”. The bonus audios can be used at leisure after completing the gastric band by hypnosis procedure.

The gastric band by hypnosis program is designed to convince your subconscious mind that your stomach actually has a gastric band fitted, and as a result, you will feel less desire to eat food and the portions you eat will be much smaller.

Benefits  from using the program which can result include:

  • a smaller appetite;
  • easy, quick weight loss;
  • escape from obesity;
  • improved health and appearance; and
  • improved self-esteem

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As a practising hypnotherapist always interested in new therapeutic tools, I recently have used the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy product with a number of very overweight and obese clients. Previously, I have used a good number of different weight loss hypnosis programs and scripts. However, the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy audio pack by Jon Rhodes is by far the most user friendly and comprehensive gastric band hypnosis program I have found.

The Good Points of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pack

  • Sessions are short, with run times between 10 and 15 minutes and can be done at home;
  • 100% safe: The hypnotherapy program alleviates all risks associated with actual gastric band surgery;
  • Affordable, being much less costly than the surgical option, and less expensive than other hypnotic solutions;
  • 60 day money back guarantee offered, which gives ample time to see weight loss results;
  • Bonus products come with purchase. You get two extra hypnosis MP3 downloads free;
  • Ongoing support via email and a forum;
  • You can try a sample of what hypnotherapy feels like before you buy; and
  • Long term effectiveness and high success rates

The Bad Points of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pack
Just like every book or product I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect, and here are the issues I noticed after using the virtual lap band program:

  • There is a small possibility it may not work the first time and it will need to be listened to again;
  • Positive attitude toward treatment is needed for the best outcomes;
  • Program instructions need to be followed for optimum results; and
  • You cannot immediately verify it is working because you are not aware of your subconscious thoughts.

Overall what do I think in my Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review?

In my opinion, the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy pack by Jon Rhodes is the best weight loss hypnotherapy program I have found to use with very overweight, obese and morbidly obese people. Certainly, the therapeutic approach to losing weight with hypnosis by virtual stomach banding is relatively new. But Jon Rhodes boasts an impressive ten years as a clinical hypnotherapist, and he has extensively tested and retested his gastric band by hypnosis MP3 downloads, to produce a comprehensive and  user friendly program. The program also is backed by a solid, 60 day money back guarantee. My clients who have used and followed the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program have reported a profound reduction in stomach capacity and ability to tolerate heavy foods, with subsequent weight loss.

Hope my review has helped,

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