Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Review

An honest Gastric Band Hypnotherapy review. Is gastric band by hypnosis a scam?

Does Hypnotherapy Work? Can I be Hypnotised?

Does hypnotherapy work?
With hypnosis, as with any treatment tool, there is always the question: Does it work? And, can I be hypnotized?

Jon Rhodes is one of England’s leading clinical hypnotherapists and is the creator of The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy audio set, a virtual lap band, along with many other quality hypnosis downloads and hypnosis MP3 downloads. His family run company, HypnoBusters is one of the most popular hypnotherapy resources on the internet.  His hypnosis programs are popular because they use proven subconscious mind reprogramming techniques which work.

But can I be hypnotized?
More specifically, can I lose weight with hypnosis using audio hypnosis downloads?  Well take heart, because most people are able to enter an hypnotic state and many famous  people have used hypnosis successfully, including the composer, Rachmaninoff,  Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein,  and the actors Kevin Costner and Matt Damon, among others.  In 2007, the British pop star Lily Allen actually used hypnosis to lose weight. She reduced her dress size from a size 12 to a size 8.  Importantly, if you are able to enter hypnosis, then with the appropriate suggestions, you will be able to lose weight naturally.  In the case of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions by Jon Rhodes, the virtual lap band, you will believe you have had stomach banding surgery. You will be able to escape from obesity.

Research has shown that people who view hypnosis in a positive light tend to respond better. So with hypnotherapy for weight loss, if you have a positive attitude towards your treatment, the process will be enhanced. Really, there are only a few types of people who are difficult to hypnotize. These include:


  • A person who does not want to be hypnotised;
  • People who suffer from psychosis or a thought disorder; and
  • A person with a low IQ.

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy simply is the name used for hypnosis when it is used for therapeutic reasons, but people tend to use the two words interchangeably.  Hypnosis may be led by a hypnotherapist in a face to face, clinical situation, or you may be guided by a voice via hypnosis downloads. Self hypnosis also is possible once you have mastered the process.

Importantly, hypnosis is NOT ‘magic’. It has a proper scientific basis and the person undergoing  hypnosis always is an active participant in the process. Hypnotherapy is simply a way, a treatment modality that programs your mind into believing in certain thoughts and beliefs, or changes the fundamental way that you behave or view certain things.  It provides  a way to access a person’s subconscious mind directly, for it is our subconscious mind which controls our more automatic functions, such as our habits, urges and fear responses.

The pivotal concept in hypnosis is ‘suggestion’.  Either the hypnotherapist, or in the case of  audio hypnosis downloads, the speaker suggests ideas to help you overcome problems, and asks you to imagine various scenes, which also are going to help you overcome your problems.  When hypnotised, you always remain in control, because you cannot be made to do something you do not want to do. A hypnotherapist is unable to make you perform any actions which are against your values or morals. Also it is very easy to resist hypnosis, if that is what you really want to do.

The other component of hypnosis is absorption or trance. This refers to the experience of detachment from the immediate surroundings and the absorption in inner experiences one feels when they are hypnotised. This is not the same as being asleep. It is a deeply relaxed state of altered consciousness, but one in which you are still aware of what is going on around you. It is rather like when you are totally absorbed in a book or in some music. You know things are happening around you, but you just don’t take any notice. They fade into the distant background.  With audio hypnosis downloads and in the clinical situation, it is the hypnotherapist who guides you into an hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis, then, is a state of trance: one which is characterized by relaxation, greater suggestibility and increased imagination.  While you remain fully conscious,  you become consciously unaware of most of the ambient stimuli  around you. But you can be fully alert at any time you choose. Also, there is no way you can get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis, and people usually remember most, if not all, of what they experienced while hypnotised.

So the idea with the Gastric band hypnotherapy downloads by Jon Rhodes,  the virtual lap band, is that subconsciously you will believe that you have actually hand gastric banding surgery to shrink the size of your stomach. Then, your subconscious urges, or indeed  lack of them,  will follow, making it much easier for you to eat less and to lose weight quickly.

Hypnotherapy is not mystical. Rather, it is an evidence-based, proven treatment modality, which, thanks to the internet,  now is available via audio hypnosis downloads. As hypnosis can do you no harm, it is well worth trying, especially weight loss hypnotherapy.

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